Reflection, Realise, Resolve

2023 was a marvellous year of abundant learning and connections.

We are extremely proud of the class of 2023. This cohort amazed and humbled us with their dedication, effort, and generosity of spirit. Our PSLE students, 70% scored AL1-AL3, 50% AL1 and AL2. Our O-level students also shone, with 80% of them scoring A1 to B3, 60% scoring A1 and A2. This is amazing because they came from AL5s and C5-6s.


Though we have had such stellar results before, it was the connection we made with the students this year that really stood out. Most of them followed up after examinations to let us know they were alright; everyone messaged to share their results. The success our students achieved was even sweeter because of the deeper connections we were able to establish with them.

On an individual level, it marked new milestones for professional and personal growth for myself and my fellow teachers, Juriah and Helen. I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). Juriah embarked on a Diploma in Horticulture, and Helen took part in various training endeavours. All of us did something we believed we needed to do. Along with professional achievements, these new engagements and activities definitely brought personal satisfaction as well.


The primary takeaway was just how important the connection you make with the students is. It is paramount. The results they achieve are a work of collaboration, of cooperation, and of mutual trust. We usually never say anything about how our students fare, but if we don’t acknowledge their hard work, then who will?

Another realisation was that it is possible to do what you need to do for yourself without compromising standards. It was crazy juggling so many hats, but the fulfilment at the end of that rainbow was priceless.


2024 has just begun. As we are updating this blog, we are racing to the end of the first month.

We at Simply English resolve to continue to do our best for our students, get to know them as individuals first, and work hand-in-hand with them to achieve their goals.

We resolve to look for opportunities to have fun.

Surely, we will grow together, step by step!