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Kamishibai is a form of Japanese street theater that utilizes a hand-drawn storyboard and a performer to tell a story. It originated in the late 1800s and is still popular today.

In the olden days, Kamishibai tells stories through the use of black and white drawings. The drawings are not elaborate, but they are realistic enough to make the story more engaging.

The Kamashibai teaching format has now been adopted by many libraries for children’s storytelling sessions as it is easy to perform and encourages creativity in children.

The background of Kamishibai Story Telling

Kamishibai is very popular in Japan where it’s used as an educational tool for children, passersby, and even adults. It can also be used to promote products or services.

The stories are illustrated with small paper cutouts called “kamishibai” or “paper theater” which are held behind a translucent screen lit from the side with a candle or petrol lantern. The storyteller narrates the scene being shown, while accompanying it by clappers in hand to create an interactive environment.

It is easy to see why Kamishibai was such a big hit in Japan. It was like watching a movie but the narrator was telling the story to you rather than showing it on screen.

Kamishibai is most often performed by senior citizens who use simple illustrations with few words, describing an important moral lesson for viewers. The messages are usually related to family morals, love, and kindness.

Kamashibai is a traditional story telling format that is most popular in Japan. They are cards that are read by the narrator with illustrations on them. Kamishibai is also known as “paper theater,” because the drawings often come to life as they are being told. It was created in 1894 by Miyazaki Seiichi and it represents a nationalistic movement of Japan’s people for independence from Western culture.

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