All our programmes are in line with and based on the latest MOE syllabus.

English comprehension |

P1 & P2 Reading & Remedial Programme

The main aim of this programme is to build an interest and love for English. Through stories, students explore reading, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and other components of the language in a fun way. They express themselves through both speaking and writing.

For those struggling with the reading aspect, elements of phonics are also included in the programme so as to strengthen their foundation. Ms Juriah Atan is a veteran in the field, well-versed in all systems of phonics methods. She also trains other teachers in phonics.

All in all, this all-rounded programme ensures that the children grow confident with the language, not fear it.

Primary English Confidence Programme (P3-4)

Structure and creativity are key ingredients in this programme. With stories, games, quizzes and presentations included to add a fun element, students build core skills and prepare for all components of the English paper – Oral Communication, Listening Comprehension, Composition Writing and Paper 2.

The aim is for students to become familiar with and master all the essential skills required at this level. This course provides a thorough understanding of English language through wide range of writing activities including poems, descriptions and stories that they can use in their own writing.

Primary English Confidence Programme (P5-6)

Our P5 & 6 programme is geared towards ensuring that the students are ready for the PSLE at the end of P6. In P5, we work on addressing as many of the gaps in their knowledge as we can while in P6, we work on consistency. Games, quizzes and presentations are used to reinforce learning and strengthen their foundation for all components of the English paper – Oral Communication, Listening Comprehension, Composition Writing and Paper 2.

Our tried and tested methods have been proven over time to be effective in developing strong English skills in our students, skills they take with them when they enter Secondary school as well.

Secondary English and Literature Programme

Our Secondary school programme works to seamlessly see our students through from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4. The focus of English changes. It is now about application of knowledge to delve deeper into topics.

For Secondary 1 & 2 students, Literature also comes into the picture. Our programme works towards helping the students in both subjects, building confidence and comfort with the subject requirements. When they feel better, they do better.

For Secondary 3 and 4 students, our eyes are firmly set on the O level examinations. This is the time we work towards further strengthening and reinforcing the students’ grasp of the syllabus and the language. It is never too late to work towards that A!

Holiday Programmes

We run a range of carefully-crafted holiday programmes to maximise both fun and learning.
Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling is a time-tested form of instruction, and we make it fun! Our 2-day workshops offer children the opportunity to learn storytelling fundamentals, write their own scripts, and present it on stage in front of their peers. The result is an enhanced creativity and a boost in self-confidence.

Write On!

Built on the foundation of strong storytelling skills, our creative writing programme aims to encourage a love for writing. Students will pick up unique writing strategies and techniques and deepen their language skills, minimising their stress and maximising their enjoyment of creative writing.

Curriculum-based Workshops

Make the best use of the holidays! Join us for specially-curated workshops based on Paper 2 components geared for Primary 5 & 6 students.


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